Andrology-Open Access

This Journal was launched in 2012 and publishes peer-reviewed articles that describe explorations in wide range of Andrology topics including azoospermia, balantis, benign prostate hyperplasia, cryptorchidism, epispadias, hydrocele, hypospadias, phimosispriapism, semen analysis, spermatocele, testicular cancer, testosterone, varicocele and vasectomy.

The Journal publishes up to 25 peer-reviewed articles per annum and has secured Google Scholar h-index of 8. The Journal is registered at Publons database and all the new submissions are subjected expert peer-review.

The Journal publications can be accessed at the Archive page. Some of the recent publications of the Journal are presented here:

The journal offers premium editorial processing service with fast tracked peer-review that enables relatively efficient turn-around time. Submission can be made online at Andrology or can be forwarded in email to

The articles are published under creative commons attribution license and the authors are bestowed with the copyright of their research contributions.

Azoospermia; Hypospadias; Testicular cancer; Vasectomy; Balantis; Testosterone; Varicocele; benign prostate hyperplasia

Published by Longdom Publishing

Academic peer-reviewed article Publisher

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